Prodiga allows you as the customer to work alongside our design team to generate a custom design tailored to you individually. Working together to capture your unique style, and accentuate your body in the most flattering way. The design can range from a simple creation right through to a fully encrusted elaborate hand-beaded gown, there really is no limit to what is obtainable. We have produced gowns, which have taken over 3 weeks to bead, with the most impeccable attention to detail to ensure the garment truly takes your breath away.

Bespoke pricing begins at £495

Bespoke garments can be generated online, with sample garments been shipped to yourself to show fabric and beading swatches and work together to mould the final design. Tailoring the garment with your body measurements for the perfect fit.

Or you are able to visit our showroom to generate this gown, having one to one fittings, and work closely with our tailors and design team to capture the perfect item.

To book a bespoke appointment for either an online or showroom service, please call our office on 0113 2761502, there is a £50.00 appointment charge, which is non-refundable but is deducted from your garment fee.

This is a really exciting process, which enables you to make your dreams a reality for a special occasion.